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JAVIER GONZÁLEZ, Real Estate Commercial Manager

Javier Gonzalez, Real Estate Commercial Manager “Our goals are to get occupancy and business activity at the marina”

- How will you approach this new stage in the Real Estate Department, this project to promote leasing and rental at Port Tarraco?
- I thought it would be complicated, but once I had joined the team I saw that things are going quite well. It’s a challenge we’ve taken on with a lot of enthusiasm.

- What products do you offer?
- We have two basic products, both for rent: commercial premises and offices. For businesses, renting is much more feasible and viable because you don’t have to get financing, which can be too much of a burden, like when you invest in buying a real estate property.

- And, looking to the future, renting gives companies more flexibility.
- Sure, if a company grows or its needs change, it can move more easily than if it owns its premises. The today and tomorrow of real estate, especially for companies, is in rentals.

- In addition to the advantages of renting, what else might attract businesses and companies to come and set up at Port Tarraco?
- We’ve got 24-hour security. Another critical issue is parking, for tenants as well as visitors. The buildings are in an open space, and we’ve got natural light in all of the offices. So, it’s a comfortable, safe, pleasant space in an immaculate setting.

- Some might say it would be better to set up a business in the centre of Tarragona...
- Really, from Port Tarraco to the Rambla, the city’s main street, it’s only ten minutes. You’re near everything. And you’ve also got the advantage that from here, by car, you have the best access to other modes of transport: the train, the high-speed train, airports, motorways, etc. Our slogan is “Everything at your doorstep”.

- What kind of companies are you targeting for real estate offers at Port Tarraco?
- All types of businesses operating in service-related areas. We have the advantage of a modular product, which means that we can adapt to the needs of the client, everything from companies that need 30 metres of office space to those that need 1,200 metres.

- In addition to versatility, what else sets you apart?
- The services we offer. Not only our parking and security, but also everything you need on a day-to-day basis to run a business or company, for example, fibre optics, which is fundamental for businesses. So, our premises are ready for people to move in and start working. Also, our flexibility in terms of space is linked to budgetary flexibility; we can adapt financially to the future needs of our tenants.

- What occupancy objectives have you set?
- Above all in the commercial premises we’d like to see a variety of businesses and activities, because, as a marina, at Port Tarraco our goal is to offer services to the clients from the ships. For us it would be ideal to achieve diversity in the commercial spaces, with everything from purely nautical business to businesses dedicated to leisure or personal care.

- Tell me more… What kinds of activities do you have in mind? What would you like the new Port Tarraco to be like?
- It would have spaces for purely nautical business, like shipbroking firms, maritime supply and maintenance, etc. Right now we have several spaces dedicated to these kinds of services. It would also be good to have a wide range of restaurants to complement those already set up here. It would be great to round out what’s on offer at the moment with something like an Italian or a Mediterranean restaurant.... and some general services, which would be perfect for building B4, which is quite unique. I’d also like to see some more specific types of activities, high-end ones, like perhaps a wine bar, as well as multi-purpose businesses, like convenience stores. Another commercial sector we’d like to see at the marina is personal care, beauty, health, physiotherapy, a gym... in general, businesses that provide services for clients coming from the ships, but also for those who rent office space and for everyone in the city. That would be ideal for our marina, but obviously, we are open to other proposals for businesses as well.

- Port Tarraco has the advantage of being a long-term stay marina, so the influx of visitors from the vessels is more constant.
- Yes, we are fortunate that the boat clients don’t all come just in the high seasons. We have a constant stream year round and this is critical for ensuring the stability of the businesses that decide to establish themselves here. The most complicated part is the commercial premises, because if there is no flow of people it’s difficult for them to make the decision to invest. We’re very aware of this at Port Tarraco and we’re working to ensure a regular flow of boat traffic, but the offices and other spaces will also contribute to increasing this constant flow of people and meeting our objectives of generating occupancy and business activity in the marina.

- A double-pronged approach to revitalise the marina.
- Actually it’s a three-pronged approach: the ships, the businesses, and also events. We’re planning to organise some cultural and recreational activities at the marina to create a rotation of people on the premises. We currently have a project under way to improve the landscaping, an important investment to make the facilities even more attractive. With all this, potential tenants will see Port Tarraco for what it is: an ideal place for companies to set up offices or commercial activities.