Centac Group S.L

Centac Group S.L

Nutrition & Food Safety Consultancy

Our consultancy consists of nutritionists-dietitians, food technologists, public health veterinarians, and agricultural engineers with higher education professionals in food safety and law.

We offer a wide variety of services to any company in the food sector that in their processes handle, process, cook and supply food and beverage: group catering, food industry, retail sales, commercial catering and food distributors.

We are dedicated to guaranteeing the maximum food quality in agro and food industry in general; consultancy, food certification (IFS, BRC, ISO22000, ISO22000FSSC, Global Food Security), APPC (implementation, review and update), training (food handling, allergies, traceability, APPC, food safety, nutrition), food legislation, analytical control, labelling, control audits, etc. We have a program of legal requirements for quality management.

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Oriol Pujol Policarpo